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Whether you need a wedding gown or an outfit for a special occasion, we can help you. 


Get the perfect fit every time.

Our alteration service will make sure your outfit looks great and fits perfectly. We can tailor any piece to your exact specifications, so your gown looks like it was made for you. 

We can handle a vast range of alterations. From adjusting a beaded dress to hemming a multi layered dress. Schedule an appointment today and see what we can do for you.


Velma Simon is experienced in all areas of garment construction from Haute Couture to “off the peg”.  We can completely remodel a garment by redesigning a pre-loved piece or an heirloom into a fabulous on-trend sensation. Depending on our customers requirements costings will only be given at the consultation.

Remodelling services include:

  • Bridal Gowns
  • Bridesmain and Prom Dresses
  • Mother of the Bride/Groom
  • Evening Wear

Bespoke Gowns

Buying your wedding dress is a beautiful experience, designing your bespoke dream dress is THE experience. Every part of the creative process is tailored to your vision. We work to bring your ideal dress to life. From live sketches to specially sourced fabrics, we ensure that your dress will be the work of art that you envisioned.

Every couture gown begins with a consultation. We will work with you to outline and develop your ideas, walk you through fabric samples and answering your questions. Once the decision is finalised the process can begin. Your measurements are taken so that a sample of the design can be made in a cotton fabric. When you come in for a fitting of your mock dress, we will make any adjustments to this garment, this is to ensure that the fit and style is perfect before we cut and make your actual dress.

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Have a Question?


If you have any questions we have the answers.

All of our consultations are by appointment only.

We can only allow three people at fittings at one time, this includes the main client.

Yes, however, children must be supervised at all times and cannot play on the floor or run around due to health and safety.

If clients are trying to lose or gain weight at the time of having their garment made or altered they must inform Velma Simon. Once the work has begun the client must maintain their weight.  If for any reason there is a significant weight loss or gain whilst the garment is in the process of being worked on and has therefore affected the fitting of the garment, there will be an additional charge of £35 per hour for the extra work as well as the cost of any additional materials that might need to be used.  This includes the event being cancelled and moved to a later date.

There is a maximum of 4 fittings for alterations and remodelling.  If the customer requires extra adjustments and requests additional fittings, there is a charge of £25 per appointment plus possible charges for labour and materials.

All fittings are an hour long, unless extra time is needed due to the nature of the appointment.

If you still need some help please contact us today so we can assist you.